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0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Guangzhou Yunqi Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the Guangfo Service Center of Foreign Trade Express, referred to as Guangzhou Yunqi. At present, the service center has been Foshan Fuli Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Plastic Industry Group, Foshan Nanhai Benda Mould Co., Ltd., Mona Lisa Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xintongshi Automotive Thermal System Co., Ltd., Nearly a thousand foreign trade companies including Guangdong Mutong Industrial Co., Ltd. provide services such as Google SEO homepage ranking. The Guangfo Service Center has a comprehensive pre-sale and after-sales service system. Before the sale, we have professional staff to give you professional answers; after sale, we have always followed the service approach of "365 service closed-loop project", adhered to the service concept of "cooperation and win-win", and dedicatedly serve foreign trade enterprises. The person in charge of the service center has more than 12 years of experience in foreign trade promotion and more than 7 years of experience in B2B promotion.

About Siyiou

Hangzhou Siyiou Network Technology Co., Ltd. has been providing Internet technology application products and services to various types of enterprises in China. It was established in 2003 years and has a history of 17 so far. The company is in {{2 In }}, the whole site optimization business unit of search engine was established. It started a 6 year of cooperation with Dunhuang. In 2009, a comprehensive network marketing solution was launched for many large-scale The company specializes in integrated and optimized marketing; in 2010, the service of “Internet-wide case” was launched, and in 2011, a service model for search flow metering was created. At the end of 2013, the company successfully developed a foreign trade express that helped foreign trade enterprises promote overseas. It was launched to the market at the beginning of {{{{11}}}} and was established nationwide in {{9}} Channel system. In the month of {{9}}{{{11}}, Daxian Technology grandly launched Yiqibao, a comprehensive online marketing solution product for domestic small and medium-sized domestic trade enterprises. Daxian Technology is Siyiou Company The predecessor of the company, the 11 month in {{9}} year, the foreign trade express project of Hangzhou Siyiou Network Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded by Bangshi Capital, Blue Mountain Investment, Chairman of 07073, The 5000 million yuan A round of financing jointly invested by Fangde Tribe and other institutions. In the 9 month of 6 201, Siyiou was successfully listed on the New Third Board. Securities abbreviation: Siyiou, securities code: {{11}}39255 .

At present, Siyiou has 3 technology research and development bases in Hangzhou, Huangshan and other places, with a total of 1000 employees. So far, it has served more than 1,000 brand customers and nearly 10 Ten thousand small and medium-sized enterprises, foreign trade express customers account for the top three in the foreign trade promotion industry, foreign trade express services continue to be extended, there are now SNS services, business software services, collar services, etc., foreign trade management software is also in the trial operation stage The service model includes services such as annual payment and ranking of specified keywords. Yiqibao also has two plans for annual subscription and daily payment.

Siyiou Corporate Culture

Siyiou Qualification

0010010 nbsp;Si Yiou Honor

0010010 nbsp; Message from the General Manager of Microsoft Sales

Siyiou serves the search engine optimization industry. The cooperation between Microsoft's digital sales team and Siyiou has achieved a win-win situation for both parties. It's very exciting to see Sioux use Microsoft's Azure smart cloud technology to further enhance their business and help their customers improve their competitiveness in the global digital advertising and marketing field, thereby achieving the business growth of Sioux and its customers Wishes.

It is so exciting to see how Siyiou is leveraging our Microsoft Azure and Intelligent Cloud technology to further transform their business and help their customers be competitive in the global Digital Advertising and Marketing Industry. Leveraging the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud can help our customers to empower their customers to achieve their business and growth aspirations. Siyiou is a clear Industry leader in optimising search engines and it was great to have our Inside Sales Engine collaborate with the Siyiou team to achieve this fantastic result.

Sioux team

Search Technical Consultant: Wang Tao

He joined Baidu in 2003 as a former 300 employee of Baidu. During 12 years in Baidu Search Technology Department, he used to be a senior product designer in Baidu Search Product Marketing Department, and was responsible for products including web search and quality. He also served as the head of Baidu webmaster platform products. He is also a major member of the Baidu LEE team and the author of "Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide."

Chairman: He Xuming 0010010 nbsp;

Founder and chairman of Siyiou Network Technology Co., Ltd. ( Graduated from a master's degree in business administration and a president class of Zhejiang University. He has many years of experience in the management of the world's strongest companies. Started to learn Internet technology in 2003 years and {{2}} years of entrepreneurial experience in the Internet industry. He was awarded "Top Ten Leading Persons in Promoting the Development of China's SEO Industry" and was the person who introduced the concept of SEO in China and put it into practice. He was awarded "Top Ten Entrepreneurial Innovations Leading Zhejiang Businessmen" in the Zhejiang Economic & Commercial Conference of Thousand People. In 2014, the one-stop cross-border B2B e-commerce system platform "Foreign Trade Express" was launched in this year, with more than 500 paid enterprise users and more than 2 free enterprise users Wanjia. He has a profound understanding and unique insights into SEO technology, Internet industry development, and cross-border e-commerce trends.

Senior Vice President: Xu Suyuan 0010010 nbsp;

Co-founder of (, has successively served as the marketing director of a well-known Internet company. He has extensive industry experience and leads the team to develop and serve many large and medium-sized customers. The search marketing services provided to customers have won wide acclaim. Now responsible for the management and marketing of Siyiou.

Technical Director: Fang Yong 0010010 nbsp;
Co-founder of Siyiou Network Technology Co., Ltd., now responsible for the company's SEO system development and customer management system development and technical support. He has been serving the search engine optimization industry before he founded Siyiou Network Technology. Have a deep understanding of various management systems and related technologies required by the search engine optimization industry.

Operation Director: Chen Yanzhou 0010010 nbsp;
Co-founder of Siyiou Network Technology Co., Ltd., 2003 contacted the search engine optimization industry at the end of the year and began commercial operation. So far, the search engine optimization projects that have operated a large number of large, medium and small enterprise sites have rich experience in search engine optimization. Currently, he is responsible for the operation, planning, resource integration, and technical process development of Siyiou Network Technology.

User Experience Manager: Zhou Guomai 0010010 nbsp;
Co-founder of Siyiou Network Technology Co., Ltd., with many years of work experience in web design, software interface design (including mobile interface design), a deep understanding of interaction design, a large number of practical cases and SEO optimization work experience Enterprise website construction based on search engine optimization and user experience has unique insights. Now he is in charge of Siyiou's corporate website construction and user experience design.

Chief Financial Officer: Wang Ping 0010010 nbsp;

Graduated from Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, senior accountant, successively served as manager of the financial department of Xinyada System Engineering Co., Ltd. and deputy director of finance of Jincheng Technology Co., Ltd.

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