Google Keyword Promotion

Google Keyword Promotion

Product Details

In Google Seo, Google keyword promotion is the top priority. The choice of keywords is good or bad, which directly determines the effectiveness of the promotion.

In the implementation process of the foreign trade express, how are the keywords selected?

A keyword analysis tool

1, Google Adwords, will prompt a large number of related ad groups and keywords with search volume

2, Google’s global business insights, you can find keywords and search volume in small languages

3, KWFinder, quickly obtain a large number of long-tail keywords

4, 3-6 peer websites, refer to which keywords are used by peer websites

5, Google drop-down box and related search keywords

2. How to achieve the effect

1、Keywords must be accurate, keywords must be prepared, check whether the word has search volume, unconfirmed keywords can be confirmed by Google search pictures

2 The number of keywords should be enough. Under the premise of accuracy, there are as many keywords as possible. The more keywords, the more traffic will be brought.

3, keywords can be transformed, in ensuring the quality and quantity of keywords, choose the keywords with the highest conversion rate as possibleCommon mistakes, inaccurate keywords bring invalid traffic, the number of keywords is small, resulting in low traffic on the website

Keywords are a prerequisite for good Google keyword promotion, because keyword matching is an important factor in ranking high.