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Google KeywordPromotion

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At present, foreign trade promotion, the general customer will choose B2B platform and Google keyword promotion.

So what's the difference between Google keyword promotion and B2B?

First, the foreign trade express is an independent station, and B2B does not conflict

Foreign Trade Express is based on the customer's website to do optimization, B2B is the customer to rely on Ali, Made in China and other platforms, in order to promote

Second, B2B platform a lot of traffic is also obtained through SEO

Third, from b2B to find you, will also go to the independent station to understand you,

Through Google keyword promotion, the customer's website and B2B will be displayed on the same page, buyers can see, that means the same opportunity to be ordered.

Four, either method can be completely abandoned, independent station can not give up

Customers do promotion, the latter precipitation is the following traffic data, through these data can analyze the product market, future trends, future opportunities and so on, B2B platform, then face not to cooperate, immediately close the shop, no traffic practices.

Fifth, B2B platform inquiries may be shared with peers, the site is exclusive

B2B's inquiry is provided by the platform, whether the inquiry is distributed in groups, customers often only learn from the sales, but Google keyword promotion of the independent site is all by the buyer to decide whether to send the inquiry, not affected by other influence