Focus on Google promotion for 17 years

Focus on Google promotion for 17 years

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In Google promotion, GOOGLESEO is a kind of basic promotion. SEO is to improve the ranking performance of the website in the search engine by optimizing the inside and outside of the website, so that the website can get more ranking display and clicks, to achieve online marketing or Internet brand The purpose of construction.

Disadvantages of SEO:

It takes a long time to obtain rankings. Generally speaking, it takes 3 months to obtain natural rankings through SEO technology. For some popular keywords, it may take more time; the level of SEO service providers is uneven As enterprise users do not understand the Internet, it is difficult to determine the level of SEO service providers. Choosing SEO service providers with imprecise technology may lead to greater losses for enterprises.

The advantages of SEO:

Low cost: SEO is a well-known and cost-effective promotion model in the industry. Generally, a fixed service fee is charged annually, and the cost is completely controllable!

Wide coverage: The fundamental reason for ranking through SEO is that the overall quality of the website has been improved, and all aspects of the website have been fully recognized by users and search engines. Because the ranking principles of different search engines are similar, generally speaking, a website with good SEO performance will not only rank on a single search engine, but also rank on other search engines. Especially in Google promotion, Google’s 200 sites may have rankings.

There is accumulation: it takes a long time to obtain ranking through SEO technology, generally about 3 months. The fundamental reason is that the overall quality of the website has improved and the website has been accepted by users and search engines. The website has a good accumulation. Even after the termination of the cooperation with the SEO service provider, the ranking of the website will continue for several months.

Stable ranking: Although there are often small adjustments to the ranking rules of search engines, there are few major adjustments. Therefore, the websites that get natural rankings generally have stable rankings. They are displayed on the homepage for almost 24 hours. Compared with the auction rankings, due to the high and low bids, the rankings are constantly changing. The stability of natural rankings is very strong .

Easy to operate: The operation of SEO is not as complicated as everyone thinks. There is no need to master the complicated Internet program technology. It is a skill that every enterprise must master to carry out online marketing. By cooperating with SEO service providers, it can also train SEO talents.

Remarks, SEO is a long-term investment and accumulation in Google promotion. It is undesirable to use SEO technology to quickly obtain rankings or blindly pursue popular keyword rankings.