Google Keyword Optimization

Google Keyword Optimization

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Many customers are just starting to do Google keyword optimization, often choose very competitive keywords, because these words traffic is very large, this is not a good phenomenon.

Don't choose words that are too intense in the initial optimization process. Many customers have this problem. If you don't have big words, small words don't have traffic, then it's better not to do. Is it wrong to say big words? In fact, there are no theoretical errors. Every customer wants to make a big word, and the usage of big words is very high. However, the method and time are incorrect.

Google keyword optimization is just beginning why not choose big words?

1, in the initial stage of website optimization, the basis of the site can not optimize the word, optimization is closely related to the basis of the website,

2, small words do not mean that there is no traffic, choose the correct word inquiry conversion rate is high,

3, keyword selection should be combined with data analysis, such as the customer's export market statement and customer local call, etc.

4. The choice of big words means higher capital costs, technical costs, time costs and labor costs.

Optimization and bidding is not the same, bidding to think of which words can be operated, optimization is need time precipitation, slowly put the keyword ranking to do up.

The importance of keywords:

The key words of the website are very important, if the selected keywords are not appropriate, will lead to no traffic, no inquiries.

If the early selection of a lot of big words, and then after Google keyword optimization, or these keywords to do, do not be happy too early, what may happen?

1, because the quality of the site is not enough to support the big words, big words are not accurate, resulting in a high rate of website jumpout, the conversion rate of inquiries is not high

2, the site precipitation a period of time, found that the site traffic and stay time does not match, the site's keywords may fall sharply

So Google keyword optimization is now popular whole station optimization, that is, big words and long-tailed words together, the long-tailed words on the long end of the word to drive the ranking of big words.