17 Professional Google Optimization

17 Professional Google Optimization

Product Details

Google’s optimized rankings follow three important principles:

1, relevance principle 0010010 nbsp;

Keyword matching, that is, the keyword must match the product, that is, keyword quality

The number of keywords is large, because the product keywords are called variously, and all related words should be optimized

There are many keyword pages, and the concept of keyword density should be included in the product description.

Website visits, page stay time, page originality, etc.

2, the principle of importance

Reflected in internal and external links on the site,

Update the product knowledge, news and industry knowledge of the website more in line with the update and change rules of the search engine

Social platforms and B2B platforms are also a small part of external links

3, user principles

The core and starting point of Google optimization should be mainly on user experience, because users are the main audience of your website content, because the above two points are for user principles, and there is no good user experience, then the ranking must do Not going up.