SEO optimizes high-quality website content
- 2020-05-09-

SEO optimizes high-quality website content

1. What do we need to know about the criteria for "high-quality web content"?

High-quality web content, that is to say, the website must have high-quality content, and these content, whether it is text, pictures, videos, or any other form of expression, must be able to solve the user's problems and meet their needs . It also facilitates the inclusion of search engine rankings.

2. How should the content of this article be written?

1. Tip writing skills

A: The title should naturally incorporate keywords, and the method of selecting keywords: drop-down box, search results, related search, Baidu promotion assistant.

B: The content should be different: the uniform title format is too uniform, and users will be bored with it, and search engines will not include it.

C: The title must be attractive: The title is very important for the user to click to read an article, how to let the user click to read an article? How can something without eye-catching?

D: Each article should be centered around a central point, so the subject of the title should be clear and clear.

2, content writing skills, headline writing skills

A: An article should pay attention to a problem of the user. If the user has more than one problem, please write an additional article. If you try to solve multiple problems with one article, you will only create confusion and confusion, and make users think that you are not professional enough.

B: Merging techniques for content sources: If you are good at original writing, this is good, but if your writing skills are limited, don't be discouraged. Here is a simple learning method.

1)Content capture: Search engine keywords find the first 20 pages.

2) Content integration: Filter and merge search results to create a new article.

3) Fine-tune and differentiate the content. Combine your own product or service functions, incorporate features, and add different content to make the article unique

C: Do basic website optimization work and improve content quality: a good article is not the basic part of the text, you can get it done. For a good article, pictures, videos, and some basic optimization are all Very important.

1) Picture optimization: make sure your picture has an alt title, let search engines know what they are doing through the picture.

2) Sample text: Let search engine optimization affect the overall weight of the website and the ranking of webpage participation, resulting in a decline in the included pages. Serious search engines have abandoned this sample text page. Now that we have seen the danger of boilerplate files, should we avoid boilerplate files when designing website content?

3) Related internal chain: For website optimization, reasonable and related internal chain construction is indispensable, which can be more conducive to the collection of article pages.

3. Notes on writing

1. Article layout

Text paragraphs should be clear, except for the size of the title, the font size and font color of the text content should be consistent.

2. Language requirements for text

The quality of an article does not depend on the number of words. Therefore, an important criterion for writing is: the language should be concise and comprehensive, easy to understand, and avoid prolonged procrastination.

3. Say no to spam articles

Articles with anchor text links-rejected!

The title and content do not match-refuse!

Advertisement appears in the text-refuse!

Blank pages, no content, less content-all of these must be rejected!