What aspects of foreign trade website optimization should be from technical analysis?
- 2020-05-09-

What aspects of foreign trade website optimization should be from technical analysis?

When we talk about foreign trade website optimization, many site administrators will discuss the site content update, site external link construction, site weighting and so on. Of course, there is no denying that these details are one of the key points of optimization, we must be very clear, in addition to these external promotion, there are some more noteworthy detail optimization points, such as the experience of the site, structure and so on. The following website optimizes the most critical details, which you analyze in detail below.

First, website user experience optimization is the most basic optimization work. Don't create unnecessary content for Baidu, be sure to analyze the site from the user's point of view. As one of the basic links of optimizing the user experience of the website, the optimization of the user experience is one of the key issues that should be optimized, and improving the quality of the website itself is the most important measure. For example, website design should be from the perspective of users and industry analysis and layout; Website content should be in line with the user's search, users through Google search to find our site, our site can solve the user's problems, structure and layout only affect the aesthetic level, the real user accepts or valuable content, so the content must serve the user's purpose to create high-value content.

Second, it is to continuously improve the visibility of enterprises in the industry. Website is just a carrier of sales, why customers trust us is actually the key to the enterprise's own value and brand awareness, as a website administrator to constantly mine the external image of enterprises can give users, for example, it can be carried out through details, can improve brand value, such as the enterprise's industry certificate, the strength of the enterprise's research and development, the enterprise's reputation in the enterprise. With these details around, it will continue to enhance the reputation of the company in the industry, which will maximize the impact of the site on our users.

Third, mine the target customers of the website and solve the problems of the vast majority of users. Website user activity is the key to a website to get the approval of search engine, a website can be search engine optimization and constantly give a higher weight, the key is whether the site's customers can fundamentally meet their needs. Here, we want to classify the users of the website, for example, some users just browse information, we only need to keep up with the latest industry information; Therefore, classifying different customer needs is a very important optimization idea.

Fourth, external optimization must be based on quality. Website optimization occupies a very important proportion inside the station, and the optimization of the site outside is a natural strategy. When the author optimizes his site, he generally optimizes it within the site by more than 95%, and then considers the external optimization of the site. For example, the chain construction itself is not deliberately done, but the idea of inspiration, such as writing a high-quality promotional article, to their own social media to publish some of their own promotion experience, in this way to promote their own website, the chain is also in order to survive the quality, do not need to do deliberately, optimization is constantly attention to details, the more nearly perfect the site, the user's awareness of the site, weight and ranking will naturally be higher.

Website optimization must stand in the user's perspective to analyze and think, all optimization should be around the user, not just in order to optimize the daily fixed content and chain, in fact, optimization we must do a lot of detail, put yourself in a user's shoes, you will find that the user experience, article writing, and user needs are closely controlled the site.