Eight advantages of Siyiou Foreign Trade Express
- 2020-05-11-

Eight advantages of Siyiou Foreign Trade Express

1, Smart Internet Marketing Matrix

The foreign trade express intelligent network marketing matrix composed of Google homepage keyword rankings, customer portraits, global purchaser recommendations, global purchaser queries, foreign trade express business software, SNS marketing, and foreign trade combat training, to a great extent, covers the entire system in a system The location-based online marketing channel has truly realized intelligent online marketing based on big data and cloud computing.

2, true big data marketing

The Foreign Trade Express integrates big data of the entire global network and industry, intelligently recommends potential global buyers to users, and enables users to independently conditionally query global buyers. At the same time, the smart SNS social marketing function of Foreign Trade Express is based on the high-quality data of hundreds of millions of SNS platforms Facebook and linkedin, supplemented by hundreds of B2B business platforms around the world, to build a powerful database for users; help users Easily acquire and process data, and truly conduct big data marketing.

3 Subversion of traditional revolutionary websites and product display methods

The foreign trade express VR panoramic viewing factory function innovation applies high-tech VR technology to corporate brand display and marketing, which can better reflect the brand value, strength of the media industry and innovative spirit. The immersive and interactive display effect breaks through the time and geographical restrictions, allowing potential customers to visit the factory to experience products and services as if they were on the spot, increase trust and increase the chance of closing a deal.

4,95% of foreign buyers worldwide

Google is obviously the global ttop search engine, searching billions of times a day, and more than 95% of global buyers will use Google to find product suppliers when purchasing products. The Foreign Trade Express allows users' large amounts of product information to appear on the homepage of Google's multiple language stations, allowing companies to seize the priority opportunities of obtaining global buyers' enquiries, so that your products cover every corner of the world.

5, seize the Google homepage

The foreign trade express product is developed based on Siyiou's more than 10 years of foreign trade marketing technology experience and perfect advanced SEO technology system. Foreign Trade Express promises to ensure that the company’s 50 to 400 product-related keywords are ranked on the global homepage of, and comprehensively enhance the company’s exposure in the global market.

6, localized marketing opens up a new blue ocean of foreign trade

The foreign trade express intelligent station construction system supports 48 different language versions to build websites. Each language version website corresponds to the SEO of the corresponding language station of the Google search engine, which realizes the localized marketing of user products and services and opens up traditional English for Chinese foreign trade New blue ocean outside the market.

7, social marketing faces a new future

Foreign trade express intelligent SNS marketing function, through correlation analysis based on billions of SNS data and group management of friends, and through Precision, real-time information push, and frequent and targeted friends to interact with customers, attracting waterfall traffic and high Intentional customer inquiry, to achieve true social marketing for users.

8, mobile marketing multi-scenario coverage

The Foreign Trade Express provides users with both PC and mobile phone websites in the corresponding language. The two sets of websites are optimized simultaneously and managed on the same platform. Fully cover the user's workplace, and also fully cover the search behavior and habits of buyers on the PC and mobile. At the same time, the Foreign Trade Express App also realizes the mobile terminal synchronous management of all websites and ranking, traffic, inquiry and other information .