Why do we need Siyiou Foreign Trade Express?
- 2020-05-11-

Why do we need Siyiou Foreign Trade Express?

Siyiou Foreign Trade Express is an intelligent network marketing system platform based on big data and cloud computing. Relying on the five major functional systems, it helps foreign trade companies to intelligently create a variety of marketing websites and cash VR display websites. Through buyer data mining, and multi-channel network marketing such as SEO and SNS, global promotion and development of emerging markets are realized.

Foreign Trade Express Mind Map

Let's listen to the real evaluation of Siyiou Foreign Trade Express by customers who cooperate with Siyiou Foreign Trade Express.

The foreign trade express train empowers enterprises to seize overseas markets-I am the general manager of Xiamen Fuyu Import and Export Co., Ltd. Our company mainly deals in various types of stone and has been using the foreign trade express train since 2017 years. Before contacting the Foreign Trade Express, we also tried various B2B promotion channels, but the results were not satisfactory. So we started to plan to build a website of our own. When we cooperated with the Foreign Trade Express, we fully felt the standardization and professionalism of listed companies. We have a full range of training courses in local service centers. The operation and improvement skills, as well as the relevant experience of the social platform are shared. At the same time, the customer service of the headquarters will also check for updated content, make perfect suggestions, submit page inclusions, etc. Under such a multi-pronged offensive, the website data has become obvious Promotion. In the second year of cooperation, the website data has made a qualitative leap, the traffic has increased by 2 by a factor of 0, and the total annual background inquiry volume has reached about 600. There are still many inquiries sent directly to the mailbox, and the company's export value has also shown a steadily increasing trend. Last month, another 7.5 order was received.

Foreign trade express is a good promotion channel, as long as we cooperate closely and operate carefully, we will definitely get good results. I want to thank Siyiou's foreign trade express, and the service center team for their dedicated care and support, and wish the foreign trade express become better and better, and bring better results to more foreign trade enterprises.

Without stepping forward, the success of the promotion comes from the accumulation of details-Qingdao Lanting Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale plastic product production and operation enterprise. Mainly engaged in nearly 300 kinds of plastic products: plastic folding boxes, pallet boxes, turnover boxes, baskets, trays, sanitation barrels, etc., is a high-tech enterprise integrating supply and production. In 2016year5, the company officially started cooperation with Foreign Trade Express. At the beginning of the use, I felt that it didn't seem to have any effect. I was a little anxious. I asked their business manager. He told me in detail how SEO website optimization works. I understand that SEO is different from paid bidding. Effective, but the advantage is that once you get the ranking, it will be more stable than cunning, and the accumulation of time will become better and better. And the fact that the cost is uncontrollable as in the auction proves that my choice is correct. It has been more than three years since the external photo watch has been used. We have grown from the initial 5 individual team to the present. Dozens of small and successful foreign trade enterprises can say that 0010010 quot; Foreign Trade Express 0010010 quot; products and their teams are indispensable. Now we have a considerable number of website clicks and inquiries every month, and there were several big orders closed last month! This year we renewed two more sets. I believe this investment is worth it. The "Foreign Trade Express" will definitely bring us greater returns!

Siyiou Foreign Trade Express-Growing with our company-Shenzhen Supoter Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 year. The company specializes in various types of electric heating components. The company 2016 has cooperated with the Foreign Trade Express for years. It is a customer who joined the Foreign Trade Express earlier in the deep area. Through the construction of the website and the introduction of Precision, the keywords are very Precision, Zhiwei traffic monitoring, etc. The effect of method optimization is becoming more and more obvious. The website has been optimized for {{3}} years, and the current monthly traffic is about 4 million, and there are more than {{5}} in the name of Sichuan, and every inquiry The average daily {{3}}.5, the effect makes us very satisfied. In addition, new customers are traded every month, and orders range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. In recent years, the company has grown with the foreign trade express, from no team to the current foreign trade 10 more than one person, the company's overall office area from 114 squared, extending to the current full layer 560 squared. Thank you so much for all the foreign trade express! We have become a strategic partnership with the local service center in Shenzhen, and we are willing to recommend such a good product to more foreign companies. Then I want to say: "No matter how good the platform is, it takes people to take care of it, and it will pay off in return."

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