SEO optimized role-boss and migrant workers
- 2020-05-12-

SEO optimized role-boss and migrant workers

There are many people who are webmasters, and not many people make websites for themselves. There are many people who do SEO optimization, and few people who do SEO optimization for themselves. As a webmaster, we are all doing basic work for others and working for others. As SEO migrant workers of many companies, they take a very low job and do the most tiring work, and get a lot of scolding. As an SEO worker, do you want to get rid of this tragic life? Four years ago, I made a decision to bid farewell to the era of the SEO migrant workers, and to become my own boss for my own SEO. Although I could not make much money, I was at least free.

Many years ago, I was exposed to search engine optimization. At that time, I didn’t know how to build a website, what was SEO, everything was far away and strange to me, with a love of the Internet, I started to learn to build a website, learn Regarding the knowledge related to SEO optimization, at first I did a small blog experiment, soaked in the forum every day for about three or four months. I felt that I had learned a lot, so I had the courage to volunteer to go to the forum to meet SEO Optimized list, and all help others do it for free. After doing it for several months, I was half-dead by the customer, and it didn't show any effect at all. The client wanted me to compensate for the loss, so I had a big quarrel with the client.

At this time, I realized that SEO optimization is not an easy task, so I decided to continue to study and insist on optimizing my blog. It wasn’t until the end of the year that my blog got a better ranking, when I became more confident. Later, after several months of groping, he decided to go to work in the company. During my work in the company, I learned a lot of knowledge, worked for more than a year, and contacted various types of websites. At this time, I found that working for others is very tiring. It is better to be your own boss and find someone who can work in the industry and make money through SEO. So, I decided to resign.

After I resigned, I found that SEO is not so easy to do, at least not as simple as I thought. In previous companies, it was all teamwork. I am only responsible for the optimization part of the website. The construction, maintenance and art production of the website are all done by professionals. Now I need to do all this. At this time, it was really too busy. After a few days, I began to feel powerless. Later, I persisted for a few months, and I couldn't do it anymore.

Sometimes, we feel wronged when working in a company, feel that our value is much greater than our salary, and feel wronged, but we also have to consider many realities. It is not that simple to change from migrant worker to boss. There is still a way to go from SEO optimization migrant workers to SEO optimization bosses.