What's the difference between Google SEO, Bing SEO, and Yahoo SEO?
- 2020-04-08-

What's the difference between Google SEO, Bing SEO, and Yahoo SEO?

When many people start working on Google SEO, there is a question, search engines in addition to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even Baidu, Blekko, Yandex and so on, how can I comply with these search engine ranking rules?

The ranking rules of search engines are mainly related to several factors. The first is the current Internet technology and various search engines of academic research. It is impossible for all search engines to have a set of technologies that no one else knows about, because it must start with the academic research of search engines and then apply current Internet technology to form. Therefore, the "rank rules" for any search engine will be the same. The crawl is not the same except for Weights. In other words, Google values Google Plus more, but it's not possible to completely ignore The Impact of Facebook, and Bing values Facebook more to see what Google Plus can capture and more or less reference.

For example, as we can see from the Bing SEO Guidelines guide, the difference between the two is really minimal, and bing seems to be saying that the difference is just to show how different it is with Google, and not necessarily an important difference.

The second is the network ecosystem, search engines are enemies and friends, but also have some common enemies or friends. This ecological relationship will affect whether search engines can obtain information, whether to obtain more complete information, may have a higher weight, if there is no way, can not be considered as ranking rules. So the social factors Google will consider will be different from Bing or Baidu, such as Baidu, which would of course be more focused on the US social network than China's own.

The third is the search engine's own patent, although the search engine is using the same technology, but there will be some others do not use or can not use the secret recipe, which can be said to be the core of search engine technology. But the core technology of search engines is different, but it doesn't matter to SEO or users, because the core technology only involves How (how to do it), how to do it differently, but the result of the terminal is the same, it won't be very different.

But the three factors mentioned above make search engines different. In fact, there is only one thing to sum up. That is, "search engines use the resources they can control" to generate their own ranking rules, and "search engines can control their own resources" overlap is very high, that is, regardless of Google SEO, Bing SEO, Yahoo, you do not care what kind of SEO to operate, just need to master the general direction, there will be no regrets.

Of course, we all know about Bing's merger with Yahoo, so Taiwan's SEO operations may only need to worry about Google and Bing. Google accounts for 56.5 percent of traffic in Taiwan and Yahoo 42.1 percent. So, google is only going to have to be the main consideration, and because of Clickstream, many sites that do well on Google will do well at Yahoo.

In addition, various searches have caused many technologies and are cooperative. Like, "What is Microdata and why can Google, Bing, And Yahoo work together?" This trend in the general direction, the major search engines are no way to escape, or good-natured heating each other.

So what's the difference between Google SEO, Bing SEO, and Yahoo SEO? To be honest, we don't really need to talk too much, if we can really understand the above content, in fact, there is only one SEO operation strategy.

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