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Review of the Sharing Meeting of Siyiou Foreign Trade Express-Successfully won the 1.31 billion order!
- 2020-05-11-

Foreign trade express sharing meeting review-about how 1.31 billion order was successfully won!

Foreign trade express 0010010 amp; Ole International (2019 year 11 month 19 day) How to get orders and increase conversion rate

In 2019 year {{{1}}, Ole International signed a bill through the Foreign Trade Express 1. 31 billion yuan, from 1 0 special train A total of 84 1 containers for overseas orders were successfully closed. To this end, the Foreign Trade Express organized this live sharing live conference. We are honored to invite General Manager Zhang of Ole International to personally talk about this 1.31 order All the details, and how to improve the business level of the foreign trade team, increase the inquiry turnover rate, and effectively obtain orders. The purpose is to share the successful experience of Ole International with many foreign trade companies in order to obtain larger orders in the future.

At the sharing meeting on the afternoon of the 19th, the Foreign Trade Express team gathered a total of more than 100,000 online and offline foreign trade personnel through two large online live broadcast platforms to watch online broadcasts of foreign trade orders that have learned 100 million yuan. .

(Offline organization of regional service center to monitor and share)

Content review

Since 2006 years, Ole International has been engaged in the foreign trade industry, and has been deeply cultivating in the foreign trade industry for many years, and has a certain influence in the industry. In the live broadcast, Mr. Zhang first introduced the background and current situation of Ole International, and then described in detail the changes brought to the team by the application of the foreign trade express. Next, in the core focus of this live broadcast-1. 31 the source of the inquiry and their copy processing process, the various resistances encountered during the order negotiation process and their The solution has benefited 1 tens of thousands of foreign trade personnel on site.

Among them, when talking about how to receive the first inquiry sent by customers who received 1.31 billion orders, during the initial inquiry, Zhang specifically mentioned that it was the “instant messaging” of the Foreign Trade Express app "The function enables him who was out at the time to respond to customer information in a timely manner, seize this opportunity, and fire the gun for the order to obtain the deal. Therefore, the opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared. The Foreign Trade Express is ready for us to deal with all aspects.

Single course

On the 2019 year 5 month 7, the customer’s initial inquiry was received through the “Instant Messaging” function of the Foreign Trade Express app. You can see by logging in to the APP that the conversation is very common, but for President Zhang, it is something he needs to do immediately to take every inquiry received seriously.


(At the end of June and early July, I received the payment from the customer)

Focus on the power, do not deep and wide!

President Zhang also mentioned in the live broadcast that during the half-year talks, the difficulties encountered were not without them, but as long as his thoughts did not decline, there were more methods than difficulties. What we need to do is to talk about every big order as a small order, and every little order as a big order. 0010010 nbsp; Do what you see with your heart, and do something invisible with your conscience. 0010010 nbsp; Keeping the empty cup mentality and learning ability at all times is the key to the decisive victory of large and small enterprises!

In the summary at the end, Zhang said that the purchase of 1.31 billion yuan was obtained. It is mainly based on the good operation of the company's independent website, for which the Foreign Trade Express is indispensable.

Share feedback

After the sharing session, we also received positive feedback from online and offline customers! People in the industry have expressed that this live broadcast has benefited a lot. Through sharing in a simple way, President Zhang learned the importance of every insignificant link in the process of customer follow-up, and details the important standards of achievement

Foreign trade express makes orders worth looking forward to

As Zhang said, foreign trade has now developed into the era of intelligent network marketing based on the 4.0 version of big data and cloud computing. The value of independent stations has become increasingly important. As a foreign trade practitioner, if you Still relying on the traditional way to develop customers in the beginning, then there is no doubt that in the new competitive situation, it will be farther and farther away. Follow the trend and choose a good platform and grasp the core to be invincible.

Thanks to Mr. Zhang of Ole International for sharing the spirit, so that more foreign trade personnel can avoid detours and have more opportunities to obtain more enquiries and large orders! The Foreign Trade Express also sincerely wishes that Ole International will become more and more powerful, and will continue to struggle towards international business cards in the industry in the future!