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Siyiou Foreign Trade Express has received a thank you letter from the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce
- 2020-05-11-

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Recently, Siyiou received a special thank-you letter from the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce. At the beginning of the new year of 2020, our product's foreign trade express actively participated in the "Side by Side Anti-epidemic" organized by the Henan Provincial Commerce Department "And a series of foreign trade public welfare training activities.

In 2020, in the face of a sudden new pneumonia epidemic, the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce and the Foreign Trade Express once again joined hands with the Foreign Trade Express Henan Service Center-Zhengzhou Jianqiao and many other well-known foreign trade service companies at home and abroad. The 3 month 16 was held on the 3 year in {}{n}{b};"fighting side by side 0010010 #39; epidemic 0010010 #{{2 }}9;, Walk with the enterprise" 0010010 nbsp; series of foreign trade live training activities, founder of Limao Consulting, JAC teacher of the world’s 500 strong enterprise special consultant, director of operations of Siyiou, SEO industry Mr. Zhu Yanzhou, a well-known expert, Mr. Zhu Yanan, general manager of Henan Service Center of Foreign Trade Express and a special lecturer of the Ministry of Commerce Research Institute of China, was invited to give online lectures.

After receiving this letter of appreciation, we are extremely honored and encouraged by the recognition of the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce. At the same time, this letter of appreciation is not only an affirmation of our work during the epidemic, but also a spur to the future. Since the outbreak, Siyiou took the initiative to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities and took the lead in donating 100 million to Wuhan for medical treatment, prevention and control of the new crown epidemic on 1month27, And promptly issued a policy of subsidizing foreign trade express services for the foreign trade enterprises to invest 2 billion yuan for a period of two years. With the spread of the global epidemic, Siyiou has also urgently introduced a region with a serious epidemic for the exporting country of orders Measures for the length of free service subsidies for foreign trade companies...

At the same time, during the epidemic, we jointly launched the Siyiou Business School with the local commerce bureaus, gathered foreign trade industry leaders JAC and foreign trade express professional lecturers, and launched free foreign trade network marketing series of free boutique courses to foreign trade enterprises and industry elites... …Siemens’ above-mentioned various enterprise-friendly policies have been widely recognized by the society, which not only helps the business members of its 15000 companies to break through trade barriers, and to obtain more overseas orders. At the same time, the company’s foreign trade express {{1 }}, 4 month performances reached a new high and achieved a breakthrough!


Looking back on the past, the Department of Commerce of Henan Province and Siyiou have a deep relationship. The two sides have already reached a strategic cooperation:

1. Mr. Zhang Yanming, Director of the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, met with Mr. He Xuming, Chairman of Siyiou, Mr. Xu Suyuan, Vice President, and the General Manager of Henan Express Service Center Manager Zhu Yanan and others made in-depth exchanges on the situation that Siyiou provides customized services for traditional foreign trade enterprises and new cross-border enterprises in Henan Province, and assists the development of traditional foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce in Henan.

2. On the 12 month 10 of the 2018 year, the General Office of the Henan Provincial Government issued the "Notice on Promoting the Transformation and Development of Foreign Trade", which specifically states: Support the development of comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises. Combining introduction and cultivation, strengthening strategic cooperation with leading companies such as Siyiou and Dunhuang, incubating and cultivating local foreign trade comprehensive service companies such as Yuman Global, and creating a foreign trade service ecosystem

3. In 2019year 5, Henan Provincial Department of Commerce and Hangzhou Siyiou Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Foreign Express) signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" in Zhengzhou to help Henan foreign trade enterprises develop markets and " "Going out" builds a better platform and strongly promotes the development of Central Plains' foreign trade.