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Siyiou Qiantang Military Academy-The ninth session of the foreign trade express newcomer training ended successfully!
- 2020-05-11-

Siyiou Qiantang Military Academy-The ninth session of the foreign trade express newcomer training ended successfully!

Introduce militarized management, facing Siyiou headquarters and the national channel system, to provide a full range of three-dimensional professional knowledge, skills, management theory and practice for the people at all levels from the front-line marketing elite to the middle management personnel and enterprise management, and Attitude, spirit and values ​​training. Those Siyiou people who are interested in using network technology to apply products and services to help various Chinese enterprises get out of China and go to the world will be able to achieve both academic and personal qualities through systematic training and learning at Qiantang Military Academy Outstanding, let us open up a new future for Siyiou.

School motto

Make first-class aspirations 0010010 nbsp; build first-class ethics 0010010 nbsp;

Seeking first-class knowledge 0010010 nbsp; Creating a first-class career 0010010 nbsp;

Qiantang Military Academy starts classes

Qiantang Military Academy was presided over by class teacher Ms. Zhou Ping. On the morning of the first day, Mr. Xu Suyuan, senior vice president of Siyiou, introduced students to Siyiou's courses and foreign trade express products.

0010010 nbsp;

Teaching team

The teaching team of Qiantang Military Academy is composed of leaders of Siyiou Foreign Trade Express Company and channel managers across the country. Among them, the main speakers and speakers include Siyiou technical director Fang Yong, Siyiou operation director Chen Yanzhou, executive department customer service director Li Lifang, service department customer service director Qin Fang and channel managers in various regions in China.

  1. Recruit training

On 2019Month4, the five-day and six-night closed-door military training course at Siyiou Qiantang Military Academy was officially launched in Hangzhou. There are 32 first-line marketers from the nation's ninth service center. Strict military management, uniform work rest for all students, supervision and training throughout the process, and a variety of professional courses make many students enjoy it and enjoy it.

0010010 nbsp;2. Course positioning

1. Basic Internet knowledge;

2. Five principles of marketing personnel;

3. Professional knowledge of foreign trade express products;

Fourth, foreign trade express sales actual combat, drills and assessments (including telephone invitations and interviews).

0010010 nbsp;3. Daily work

Morning6: 50 & nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp;{{2} }nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Students run for an hour every morning

Morning8: 15-12:00 & nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; morning class

Afternoon13:00-18:00 & nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Afternoon class

Evening19: 00-22:00 & nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; course assessment

4. Training album

During the training period, all 32 students must pass the 2 written test assessment, 3 exercise assessment, and all pass the assessment can only be completed. Examination and tutoring for students.

0010010 nbsp;

(Evaluated and guided by the channel manager)

(Game session)

0010010 nbsp;5. Graduation ceremony

On the last day of the graduation ceremony, the Foreign Trade Express invited outstanding students to come back to share and interact with the students. Subsequently, each student took the stage to share their 5 days of learning experience, learning experience, and show their work goals and life goals for the coming year. I hope everyone can supervise and encourage each other;

Finally, a graduation ceremony will be held, and graduation certificates will be awarded to students who pass the final exam of the ninth stage, and awards will be awarded to students with outstanding performance.

0010010 nbsp; (On-site sharing of outstanding students from Qiantang Military Academy)

(Issue completion certificate)

0010010 nbsp; Speech by He Xuming, President of Siyiou Qiantang Military Academy

Mr. He Xuming, CEO of Siyiou delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony, hoping that after training, the students will create unlimited possibilities for their future life and career, and develop together with Siyiou!

Graduation message

Every stage of the Qiantang Military Academy is a new accumulation for everyone, and the friends they meet are also everyone learning from each other and catching up with each other. No goal means no opportunity. The opportunity is to prepare people, so every training and learning will become the cornerstone of their training model! I believe that the soldiers from the Qiantang Military Academy are all brave and combative. They always advance with passion on the road to success. Here, please also look forward to the next training session for newcomers to the Qiantang Military Academy of Yiou Foreign Trade Express! See you next time