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Foreign trade express landed on Focus Media
- 2019-08-12-

Foreign trade express landed on Focus Media

In 2019year6, Siyiou Foreign Trade Express reached strategic cooperation with Focus Media, "China Advertising Favorite Brand Explosive Media" With the strong resources and coverage capabilities of Focus Media, the intelligent cloud system of Foreign Trade Express quickly landed in Hangzhou and Shenzhen on 7month6. So far, the Foreign Trade Express has become a weapon for many small and medium-sized foreign trade companies to march overseas.

Through the intelligent cloud system of Foreign Trade Express, international orders are automatically found. One-to-one consultation can bring fast transactions, easy to negotiate orders and high profits. Google's search ranking is even higher. Over the years 15, the foreign trade express specializes in Google search engine optimization technology, 50 multi-language development of small-language blue ocean market, helping thousands of foreign trade companies to sell products to more than 15 Country.

In the future, Siyiou Foreign Trade Express will also work together, focusing on more in-depth cooperation in multiple cities across the country. The Foreign Trade Express will also maintain its original intention and continuously help many foreign trade enterprises in my country to expand their global business through innovative models.

Focus Media CEO Jiang Nanchun said that in an era of rapid Internet change, a small business can develop steadily for more than a decade. It is a very rare thing in itself to become a listed company on the main board. He also holds a very positive attitude towards the innovative model of the Foreign Trade Express and highly recognizes it. This cooperation can be said to be the beginning of the cooperation between Focus Media and Internet 2B enterprises. The two parties work together and go hand in hand to strive to build Siyiou Foreign Trade Express as a typical case and benchmark in the industry.

(Jiangnanchun's circle of friends recommends the Foreign Trade Express)