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Intelligent station building systemIntelligent VR panoramic display systemBuyer Data Mining SystemMulti-channel network marketing systemIntelligent monitoring system

Intelligent Station Building System

One-click generation of global 100 product introduction pages in multiple languages, covering buyers’ search habits and multilingual reading habits in 100 countries around the world, helping Chinese foreign trade companies not only develop mainstream English Fully expand the global blue ocean market in small languages.

Marketing website construction

The foreign trade express intelligent station building system integrates marketing ideas, methods and skills into website planning, design and production. There are many sets of European and American style website templates for users to choose. Fill in personalized content according to the prompts, and the marketing website can be automatically generated . Foreign Trade Express uses Microsoft Azure Global Cloud Server to provide users with a secure and stable website space.

Small language website

The foreign trade express intelligent station building system supports 47 small languages ​​(German, French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish, etc.) in addition to English, and One-click translation generation of 47 small language websites has been realized.

WAP mobile website

Each PC site is equipped with a mobile WAP station suitable for mobile browsing and mobile search rules.

Intelligent VR panoramic display system

It allows foreign buyers to visit the factory on their own without having to visit them in person, easily display their production strength online, and quickly gain the trust of foreign customers through the Internet.

VR panoramic factory

Based on advanced VR technology and 360° panoramic display technology, a VR website is created for foreign trade express users, including a set of VR panoramic website development and application support system, and up to {{1}} Panoramic scene (can include 1 aerial panoramic views).

Buyer Data Mining System

Integrate the detailed big data of global buyers, after the customer portrait, it can automatically match and recommend to the user; the user can also enter the conditions to query the buyer's data as needed. Understand the trends of global buyers and take the initiative to develop global customers.

Recommended by global buyers

According to the products and keywords of foreign trade express users, automatically recommend the global potential buyers directory.

Global Buyer Inquiry

The user enters the corresponding query conditions as needed to query potential global buyers.

Customer portrait

Comprehensive analysis of buyer information from multiple dimensions to provide accurate data basis for foreign trade express users to quickly identify buyers and formulate next customer development plans.

Foreign trade training

Siyiou provides various forms of foreign trade express training, including search engine marketing techniques and strategies, how to build marketing websites, and how to improve inquiry conversion.

Instant messaging

Through the instant messaging function, it is easier to hold overseas buyers, communicate online anytime, anywhere, and save time and effort to convert traffic into high-quality inquiries! Instant messaging allows buyers without waiting, so that suppliers will not miss any possible business opportunities.

Multi-channel network marketing system

Through 16 years of professional search engine marketing technology, enterprise products have achieved a higher global ranking in major search engines such as GOOGLE, and enterprise products have gained more visits on major social platforms around the world such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. At the same time, it can publish enterprise products to more than one famous 1000B2B platform in the world, so that enterprise online products can get more global exposure opportunities and inquiry business opportunities

Multi-language multi-search engine whole-site marketing

The foreign trade express intelligent station building system comprehensively and deeply integrates the search engine algorithm requirements from the website architecture level. When the website goes online, you can get search traffic from search engines. The Keyword Analyst of the Foreign Trade Express will help customers to comprehensively analyze their industries and products, and plan a large number of high-quality core keywords and long-tail keywords. The planned keywords comprehensively cover the search behavior and habits of potential buyers. The 48 language version of the website directly corresponds to Google’s search engines in 48 different countries around the world, helping customers get global order enquiries. The intelligent foreign trade express station building system can simultaneously improve the marketing effects of other mainstream search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, Yandex and others.

Smart SNS marketing

One-stop social marketing based on global SNS big data helps foreign trade companies to intelligently mine customer data, interact intelligently, and achieve transformation intelligently. Including cross-platform multi-account management system, intelligent social marketing system, intelligent monitoring system.

Foreign Trade Express Business Software

Siyiou's technical team has developed a business exposure and rapid dissemination software for foreign trade express users. Users can use this software to quickly and easily create enterprise accounts on more than 100 international foreign trade B2B business platforms, and publish enterprise product or service information to the corresponding platform to obtain enterprise product or service More exposure, get more traffic for the company's website, and then into inquiry and orders. So that suppliers will not miss any possible business opportunities.

Intelligent monitoring system

Daily real-time monitoring of website keyword rankings, website visits and details, enquiries, emails, buyer access behavior, buyer country distribution and other data, together with analysis charts, allows us to understand the entire online marketing process at a glance, thereby continuously optimizing and improving online Marketing behavior.

Keyword ranking statistics

The foreign trade express intelligent monitoring system regularly counts the ranking of all keywords that participate in optimization on once a day.

Website traffic statistics

The foreign trade express intelligent monitoring system counts the PV and access IP of the user's website in real time every day.

Visit Lailu Domain View

In addition to counting website traffic, users can also view the domain name of each visit through the foreign trade express intelligent monitoring system.

Mail and inquiry management

Using the website created by the self-service station building system of the Foreign Trade Express, there will be a convenient link at the front desk for interested buyers to send e-mails or enquiries to user companies. As long as the visitor triggers, all the information will be recorded in the management background of the website to facilitate users Inquiry and management.

Foreign trade express app

View and manage keyword rankings, traffic, access routes, emails and enquiries anytime, anywhere, and communicate and interact with customers instantly.

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Smart Internet Marketing Matrix

The foreign trade express intelligent network marketing matrix composed of Google homepage keyword rankings, customer portraits, global purchaser recommendations, global purchaser queries, foreign trade express business software, SNS marketing, and foreign trade combat training, to maximize the coverage of all aspects within a system 'S online marketing channel has truly realized intelligent online marketing based on big data and cloud computing.

Real big data marketing

The Foreign Trade Express integrates big data of the entire global network and industry, intelligently recommends potential global buyers to users, and enables users to independently conditionally query global buyers. At the same time, the intelligent SNS social marketing function of Foreign Trade Express is based on billions of SNS platforms Facebook and LinkedIn high-quality data, supplemented by hundreds of B2B business platforms around the world, to build a powerful database for users; The operations of data mining, grouping of friends, interaction of friends, and information push help users easily obtain and process data, and truly conduct big data marketing.

Subversion of traditional revolutionary website and product display methods

The foreign trade express VR panoramic viewing factory function innovation applies high-tech VR technology to the corporate brand display and marketing field, which can better reflect the brand value, corporate strength and innovative spirit. The immersive and interactive display effect breaks through the time and geographical restrictions, allowing potential customers to visit the factory, experience products and services as if they were on the spot, increase trust and increase the chance of closing a deal.

Covering 95% of foreign buyers worldwide

Google is the world’s largest search engine, with billions of searches per day. More than 95% of global buyers use Google to find product suppliers when purchasing products. The foreign trade express allows users' large amounts of product information to appear on the homepage of Google's multiple language stations. It allows companies to obtain inquiry opportunities from global buyers for the first time, allowing your products to cover every corner of the world.

Seize the Google homepage

The foreign trade express product is developed based on Siyiou's more than 10 years of foreign trade marketing technology experience and perfect advanced search engine marketing. Foreign Trade Express promises to ensure that the company’s 50 to 400 product-related keywords are ranked on the global homepage of, and comprehensively enhance the company’s exposure in the global market.

Localized marketing opens up a new blue ocean of foreign trade

The foreign trade express intelligent station building system supports 48 different kinds of language building stations, each language version website corresponds to the search engine marketing of the corresponding language station of the google search engine, and realizes the localized marketing of user products and services, opening up the tradition for China’s foreign trade A new blue ocean beyond the English market.

Social marketing faces a new future

Foreign trade express intelligent SNS marketing function, through correlation analysis based on billions of SNS data and group management of friends, as well as accurate and real-time information push, and frequent and targeted friends to interact with customers, attracting waterfall traffic and high Intentional customer inquiry, to achieve true social marketing for users.

Mobile marketing multi-scenario coverage

The Foreign Trade Express provides users with both PC and mobile phone websites in the corresponding language. The two sets of websites are optimized simultaneously and managed on the same platform. Fully cover the user's work scene, but also fully cover the search behavior and habits of buyers on the PC and mobile. At the same time, the Foreign Trade Express App also realizes the mobile terminal synchronization management of all websites and ranking, traffic, inquiry and other information for users.