17 year SEO optimization technology

17 year SEO optimization technology

Product Details

Hangzhou Siyiou Foreign Trade Express is an old SEO optimization technology company,

Its advantages are as follows:

Technical strength: more than 200 SEO technical talents

Brand value: own industry top domain names, SEO.COM.CN and SEM.COM.CN

Company size: DELL China, Dunhuang Network designated optimization service provider

Optimize industry: SEO industry new three board listed company

Company development history:

In 2003, Hangzhou Daxian Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established,

In 2004 year, the Overseas Business Department was established,

2005 years, began to build channel SEO optimization agency system

In 2006 year, the whole station SEO optimization department was established,

In 2007, Hangzhou Siyiou was established,

In 2009 year, launched a comprehensive network marketing solution

In 2010 year, the online case service was launched,

In 2011 year, the official website of the whole network was launched,,

In 2012 year, the traffic metering service model was introduced,

In 2013, the foreign trade express product was successfully developed,

In 2014, the national channel system for foreign trade express started to be established,

In 2015 year, obtained 5000 million A round of financing, and successfully developed Yiqibao products

In 2016, the New Third Board was listed, and the national channel system of Yiqibao was established

In 2017 year, the foreign trade express 4.0 went online, the online customer SNS social marketing software was launched, the Lingzhen VR intelligent system was launched, and the Lingzhen VR was launched

In 2018, Siyiou Qiantang Military Academy was established and Siyiou moved to a new location,

In 2019, Siyiou's foreign trade express teamed up with Focus Media to reach strategic cooperation

In the future, continue to deepen the cultivation of more and better Internet technology application products and services

Siyiou has 17 years of experience in SEO optimization technology. The following are some partner demonstrations.