Foreign trade official website optimization

Foreign trade official website optimization

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Many customers will ask, is the optimization of the official website of the foreign trade whether the customer builds a website to optimize the foreign trade express, or will the foreign trade express help the client build the website?

The correct answer is that the Foreign Trade Express will help customers build a marketing website with 48 languages ​​and a mobile terminal.

The optimization of the official website of foreign trade is to start from the construction of the website, and the optimization factors are implanted into the website. Keywords, keywords are all keywords that have search volume on google before they are optimized, and later the foreign trade express starts to help customers do internal optimization, external optimization and a series of actions to help customers achieve GOOGLE rankings.

If the customer has a website by himself, there are only a few individuals who take this order at present, but the personal optimization strength should be measured by the customer. The risk lies in the time cost and the cost of money. Large optimization companies have their own programming language for website construction. If you use a customer The existing website is equivalent to rebuilding the house, pushing down the house and rebuilding it, which costs more.

Therefore, before promoting the foreign trade official website, customers must confirm whether they want to optimize the foreign trade official website or just make a website.