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Foreign trade promotion, foreign trade website optimization, social media promotion, B2B platform promotion and other ways. But now the foreign trade website optimization is more and more attention, do foreign trade website keyword optimization, we certainly think of the first is to determine the site's Google keyword optimization, then this start how do you do?

Before promoting foreign trade website, we first want the website needs to optimize the customs adhere. For Google keyword optimization, the establishment of a targeted keyword database, and around the main business for a reasonable keyword layout, will greatly affect the foreign trade sites in Google's ranking. Therefore, this article mainly introduces you to use top3's three Google keyword mining tools to help us better optimize and rank foreign trade websites.

Tool 1: Google Keyword Planer

Google Keyword Planner, Google Keyword Planner, is one of Google's official mainstream keyword tools, and is the best option for Google Keyword Ranking Situ query tools when we analyze and optimize foreign trade sites. For the operation of foreign trade websites, we previously called it GKP.

Foreign trade promotion, foreign trade website optimization, social media promotion, B2B platform promotion and other ways. However, foreign trade website optimization is more and more attention, do foreign trade website keyword optimization, we certainly think of is to determine the site keywords, then you should do?

Before promoting foreign trade websites, optimize the keywords of the website. For Google Seo, building a targeted keyword database and building a reasonable keyword layout around its main business will greatly affect google's ranking. Therefore, through the introduction of this article, very three keyword mining tools to help us better foreign trade website optimization and ranking.

Tool 1: Google Keyword Planer

Or Google Keyword Planer, one of Google's official mainstream keyword tools, is our choice for analyzing and optimizing our foreign trade websites, keyword ranking tools. For foreign trade website operators, we used to call it GKP.  Google Keyword Planner's keyword planning tool is popular for the comprehensiveness and accuracy of its data. And it is one of the indispensable tools in the process of search engine optimization. When we use it will be deeply touching, it analyzes the number of keyword search, competitiveness, ease of use at the same time, will also give us to recommend the relevant hot search long-tailed keywords. So how do you use Google Keyword Planning Tools?

Open the Google Adwords background, click the tool menu button in the upper right corner, and then click On The Keyword Planner.

Step 2: Click On Keyword Plan and two Keyword input boxes will appear. In the Find New Keywords search box on the left, enter the keywords we use for query analysis. Click on "Get Started" for results.

Step 3: Click "Download Keyword Ideas" in the upper right corner to save the keyword data.

Step 4: Filter and sort the downloaded keyword data. The reserved items are shown below, and other unwanted items can be deleted.

These are the keywords of the foreign trade website that are analyzed via Google Keyword Plan. By using parameters such as mix search volume / monthly max search volume and keyword competition, we can roughly determine which product is suitable for Google SEO and which product can generate actual traffic and inquiries through promotions.

Tool 2: Google Trends

Google Trends is Google Trends. We're analyzing the keyword slot for a keyword, searching for heat in a certain area, in a geographic area. Also, when you're not sure which core keywords work better, you can refer to Google Trends for better Google SEO expectations.

Also take the wood screw above as an example. Enter Wood screw in Google Trends and select the global popularity of the keyword over the past 12 months.

As you can see, the search trends for keywords for this product over the past 12 months, the search for high-ranked regions, and the related topics that users often search for in those regions. For foreign trade personnel, these figures make more sense.

The data tells us: What regions and industries buyers are searching for products, and which related products they are searching for.

At the same time, if we don't know exactly which keywords to use, or if there are many similar keywords that appear at the same time, we can use Google Trends to compare the relative popularity of two or more keywords.

However, not all foreign trade website keyword search trends, can be clearly found out. There are quite a few industry trends that are flat and can't be made with a simple judgment by using Google Trend.

At this point, you can use SPSS data analysis software, Google Trend Search data for correlation analysis, regression analysis.

Tool three:SEMrush

SEMrush, that is, semantic mining. SEMrush, as a competitor's website analysis, keyword mining tools, in Google optimization promotion technology, has long been popular around the world. SEMrush's keyword analysis and product trend interpretation should be top1 in all tools.

Enter the keywordwe we're looking for in the SEMrush search box and use wood screw as an example again.

Enter "Wood screw" and information about product searches, click bids, competition, search trends, and more will be displayed. At the same time, we need to dig deep into this core word to match the relevant long-tailed word data.

Step 2: Select MatchPhrase Report to see data on long-tailed words with wood screw: average monthly search volume, ease of natural optimization, suggested bid, competition, index volume, search trends.

Step 3: Select The Related Keywords Report to see the same data report as The Phrase Match Report.

Note: Related Keywords Report differs from Phrase Match Report in that the former is a word associated with wood screw, but does not necessarily contain wood, and the latter is a phrase matched from wood screw, including screwwood.

Above, SEMrush in the foreign trade website keyword optimization and mining in the basic application. It is important to note that The free version of SEMrush has a limited number of searches per day and limited search data for a comprehensive analysis of the product.

So, we've learned about keyword mining tools, how can we quickly determine which keywords are more valuable?

The keyword finding strategies that match Google keyword optimization are as follows:

One, find out your competitors and draw their best

Now the market competition is very fierce, the product in the quality of the subtle differences, spelling is service and function. There are three ways to find out who your competitors are, learn from them, and find them.

1, search in the search engine with your product-related keywords, focus on the first 10 pages of the site are what keywords are optimized, filtered out, and then compare.

2. To some Yellow Pages websites and directory sites, search for companies related to your products. Analyze the key words used in the catalog descriptions and descriptions of these companies.

3, enter the B2B website to find customer information, analyze what prominent keywords in customer product information, and these keywords organized into a table.

6 tips for selecting keywords

List all the industry keywords you know or think about, and list at least 30;

Analyze your competitors' websites to see which keywords are being used;

Ask foreign friends in the usual search for related products will use which keywords;

Usually pay more attention to site traffic statistics, search keyword reference information;

Google Index provides keyword information;

Related searchated at the bottom of the Google search page's

Case study: Although "sofa is a search hot word, but the conversion rate is very low, if "sofa" into "pu sofa", then this search customer he is more purposeful, because they only focus on pu material sofa. At this point, if your website design user experience is high, product description details, customer service attitude when the deal is no problem.

1, select "sofa" keyword, traffic 10,000 times, only 10 transactions;

2, choose "pu sofa", traffic 5000, but the volume of 200 pens;

3, remember, the closer the keyword is to the user's purchase intention, the more people search for it;

4, select keywords to consider the competitiveness of keywords, avoid popular keywords;

Third, find a faster, more labor-saving way to match your competitors

Viewing competitor "site source files" typically put keywords in the labels Title, Keywords, and Description; "Keywords are usually placed in the title, keyword, description tag;

Write your key words in the form. Write down the keywords for each site. When recording, pay attention to a site's keywords row or column, so that it is more convenient to compare. Keywords can do the focus of the first three pages of the site, keywords can do the first three pages of the site to focus on consideration, do not question the keywords of these sites, although as a reference for keyword selection, which is equivalent to standing on the shoulders of giants, will suddenly open up a lot.

In the previous step, we have recorded the first 3 pages of competitor keywords in the list, this time you can find some related keywords, with different colors of font slot. Then open the Google Index and pick the index-high keywords as the main keywords, which are carried out on page 1. Focus optimization, other keywords on the column page or content page optimization.

Through the optimization and layout of the key words of foreign trade website, improve the Google ranking of the website, has become the main theme of foreign trade enterprises to develop customers. On the basis of doing a good job on the site, reasonable use of keyword tools, find out the right Google keyword optimization, foreign trade enterprises can get a good foreign trade customers, do not have to worry about orders!