Foreign trade express to ensure google ranking

Foreign trade express to ensure google ranking

Product Details

What exactly does the Foreign Trade Express do?

1. First, we will build a 48 language marketing website for you, including PC and mobile;

2. Then, based on the customer’s products and the search and purchasing habits of foreign customers, a large number of keywords related to the customer’s products will be expanded;

3. Through the technical team of nearly 300 people in Hangzhou headquarters, combined with seo technology, to ensure that customers have 50-400 product related keywords 3 65 days long on the Google homepage;

4. At the same time, the use of advanced VR panoramic display, through advanced purchaser data mining, and nearly 200 B2B platform mass distribution, SNS and other multi-channel network marketing, to achieve global promotion And emerging market development.

The foreign trade express product is developed based on Siyiou's more than 10 years of foreign trade marketing technology experience and perfect advanced SEO technology system. The Foreign Trade Express promises to ensure that the company’s global homepage ranking of 50 to 10 00 product keywords comprehensively enhances the company’s exposure in the global market. If you fail to meet the standard, you can apply for a refund.

Perhaps customers will have some concerns about the implementation of foreign trade express,

Worried about not ranking? Answer: According to the implementation of the process, there will be rankings,

Worried about not inquiring? Answer: The content is an important factor in determining the inquiry,

Worried about spending time? A: There is no promotion for a little time,

Feeling expensive? A: The cost of the Foreign Trade Express is only about 2000 per month.

Do a good job of foreign trade express, it is your salesman

The company website is a Sales that we receive customers,

The website in 48 languages ​​is equivalent to a marketing team,

365 talk for you*24 hours of online work