Siyiou Foreign Trade Express

Siyiou Foreign Trade Express

Product Details

Foreign Trade Express is a one-stop intelligent network marketing cloud system that helps foreign trade companies create multilingual marketing independent websites. The 500-1000 product-related keywords guaranteed through the SEO technology accumulation of 16 years in Google The ranking commitment of the homepage, as well as hundreds of foreign trade B2B platform marketing, intelligent SNS social marketing and other channels, bring one-to-one high-quality inquiry to the website, making it easy for foreign trade companies to convert high-profit orders .

Why choose Siyiou Foreign Trade Express?

1, high cost performance, focus on brand promotion, consumer items clearly

2, Siyiou has strong optimization technology.

Founded in 2003 years, Siyiou has had 16 years of optimization technology precipitation. This is unmatched by any optimization company, and cooperates with many large companies, PAYPAL, DELL, Dunhuang Internet, etc., professional things must be handed over to professional companies.

3, wide coverage.

Foreign trade express independent marketing website, ensure that at least 100 words are listed on the first page of GOOGLE every day, and it is simultaneously promoted on YAHOO, BING, ASK, and GOOGLE200 multiple small language sites, which can be radiated to more Many potential buyers.

4, the data is clear.

The perfect intelligent monitoring system can let your company know all the flow data and source paths of our company, so that you can track the inquiry, and know which words are listed on the GOOGLE first page, and the background is convenient for operation.

5, a combination of multiple channels.

The combination of waiting for inquiry and actively developing customers. The buyer query is a huge customer buyer database. The data in it is a combination of customs data and network big data. Your company can actively develop customers and the database will be updated regularly

6 The customer’s own website is not affiliated with any third party.

The customer's website is its own independent site, and the domain name belongs to the customer. If the old domain name is detected without exception, the old domain name can be used.

7, advance and retreat freely.

Use independent stations, you can attack and retreat. If you really feel that the optimization effect is not satisfactory, on this website, you can add more bids, optimization and bidding, double protection, if the effect is not good, then it seems that Google channels can be given up;

8, perfect professional after-sales service.

The headquarters will be equipped with a dedicated customer service. There are also dedicated customer service and sales in the local area to continue to maintain the after-sales service. In addition, the foreign trade express 365 service project allows customers to worry-free after-sales and regularly let customers know the use of foreign trade express.